Eyelash fills should be done every 2-4 weeks.  There must be 30% retention to qualify for a refill.  We remove grown out lashes and add new eyelash extensions to all of your regrowth.  Our lash clients walk out with a completely new set of eyelashes every time.   Over 4 weeks is considered a full, new set.


 *Eyelash appointments must be booked online & require a deposit. 

Be prepared for up to 2 hours for application. 

Cancellations less then 24 hours before appointment will result in deposit forfeit.


eyelash extension fill in process.jpg


The classic look (or traditional extensions) are for beauties who prefer a more subtle and natural appearance. These basic extensions are sometimes referred to as "1-Dimensional" or "1-D," because the process involves carefully attaching a single thick, dark eyelash strand to each existing lash. This simply enhances the lashes, giving each a darker, longer (if desired) and more curled appearance without compromising the eye's natural appearance.

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‘Hybrid Lashes’ is a technique which has been used for several years by Lash Artists. The Hybrid technique is a combination of two different lash application techniques rolled into one set of lashes. For example; individual classic extension, one false lash extension on one isolated natural lash combined with Russian Volume, multiple lash extensions on one natural lash. This type of lash technique gives lash techs the freedom to be creative and develop their lash application skills. This is achieved by adding long lengths of classic lashes that are strategically placed to create a frame and filled in between with the volume extensions to give a spiky, fuller look.