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Licensed Massage Therapist

& Certified Health Coach

I am a native of Mississippi and began my journey in Massage Therapy in 2006.  After becoming licensed, I began working for one of the largest spas in Jackson, Mississippi, gaining knowledge of the business side while practicing many modalaties of massage.  In 2009, I opened a small Day Spa to continue my love for Massage Therapy.   

Unhappy with my weight, lack of energy, inflammation and stomach issues, I began my own health journey in 2021......losing 30 pounds and becoming a Health Coach.  By creating healthy habits, education and acquiring the right tools, I was able to become a better me!  I have more energy, less bloating and less inflammation.  I love putting on clothes.  I quit hiding from mirrors.  I stopped avoiding nights out.  I'm now dedicated to helping others get the same results.  With the right Health Coach and the right PLAN, you can reach your goal.

So, whether you need the relaxation/health benefit of Massage Therapy or want to start YOUR own health/weight loss journey......REACH OUT! 

I would love to help you!

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